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New Website


webbuildcaptureI recently decided it was time for my jenaherman.com site to become focused solely on my photography. It was a big decision but I believe it is the right one. It is an incredibly huge deal for me as I am learning to code in the process. It was time I buckled down to learn and make it right. So stay tuned for the launch….hopefully soon!

Taneja & Goyal Family


What a pleasure it was to visit my lovely neighbors and meet their family while they were in town for the holidays.  Their two boys kept me on my toes as we danced and played throughout their beautiful home.  It was such a joy to capture all three generations together before they had to leave for home.


Satterlee Family

IMG_2132-2 Creme Toned

I was honored to capture holiday family portraits for the Satterlee family for the second year in a row. All of the grandchildren were able to join us to complete the group this time around. They are truly a blast to work with and full of laughter. Here are a few of my favorite images from that session.

Stepp Family +1


For the second time this year the Stepp family stepped in front of my lens for another portrait session. This time to celebrate their upcoming addition to their already beautiful family. It was an honor to capture these moments for them. Here are just a few of my favorites.


Michael & Albina +1


I was thrilled when my fiance’s long time friend Michael and his beautiful wife Albina hired me to capture maternity images in preparation for their new family addition. We spent the morning together exploring Redwood Grove in Los Altos catching up and creating some wonderful memories. Here are some of my favorites from the day!


Russell Electric

Interior and Exterior Lighting Design

I had the pleasure of capturing this newly constructed multi million dollar home in the San Francisco Bay Area for Russell Electric. Their superior lighting design truly complimented all the nooks and custom angles of this home beautifully. It was an honor to be able to roam the halls and take it all in. This residence is a remarkable work of art inside and out.

Stepp Family Portraits


Feeling the love after photographing such a warm and bright family! It was a joy to capture these three out in Pacifica. This little guy sure kept me on my toes with all of his energy. At the end of the day we got some great images for them to cherish always.

We’re Engaged!

GYNG6447 (1)

My darlin of almost 12 years surprised me with a trip out to the California Coast for what seemed like no particular reason. We lunched on our favorite Clam Chowder at the tide pools and wandered the cliffs of Pescadero. And then suddenly he turned to me and said he had a reason to bring me all this way for the day. That’s when he got down on one knee and proposed, and I said YES of course!

Little Miracles

This wouldn’t be the first time my cousin emailed me in a panic to fix a photo of hers. I’m almost certain it won’t be the last, but I am always willing to assist. This photo for obvious reasons was in need of some serious help. It was taken with a point and shoot camera, through a window, with the flash engaged…a big no no. I was able to remove the glare and adjust the tones for her no problem.

TKH VISIT MAY 2018 (78)TKH VISIT MAY 2018 (78)-Edited-1

Super Blue Blood Moon Eclipse

In case you missed it there was a rare phenomenon in the sky. Not only was is the second full moon of the month but a super moon at that meaning it was even closer to Earth than our typical lunar view. In addition we were treated to a total lunar eclipse as well. I was lucky enough to have set up my tripod in time to capture some of the big show.

The Oregon Trail


My darlin surprised me with a weekend trip up into Oregon. I’ve always wanted to go see the lush coasts and wander the forests there. We stayed at an old historic inn decorated with antiques, that some claim is haunted. Unfortunately the town was full of smoke from the Crater Lake fires but that didn’t hinder us much. We traveled further north and then towards the coast. Along the way we found a drive through Safari full of beasts i’d only seen on television. Then ventured back home along the beautiful coastal regions. Which was this photographer’s dream come true!

Saterlee Family Portraits


I had a blast photographing this lovely family of 3 generations just in time for the holidays. What a beautiful thing to be witness the love and laughter of a beautiful family like this one. It was a treat and a pleasure to create memories for them to share forever.


Happy Holidays!

2017 Card-01.png

My darlin and kids are finally getting the hint that all I want for my birthday is the gift of a family photo session! Just in time for the holidays…may you all enjoy yours with family and friends! Happy New Years as well!

Clair Wedding


My daughter assisted me in photographing her grandmother’s wedding over the weekend. These newlyweds were schoolmates long ago in elementary school. After years of separation they rediscovered each other and fell in love. It just goes to show it is never too late for love. What an honor it was to be a part of their big day. Wishing them many years of happiness and love.



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