Ordinary to Extraordinary

Retouching and Enhancements can make an amazing photograph into a visually stunning masterpiece. J.Herman Photo has over 14 years experience manipulating images resulting in final images fit for a gallery. Whether it’s the removal of fine lines and wrinkles, acne, or even scars; Color Correction; Lighting Adjustments; Background Removal or Replacements; Artistic Filter Effects; or Colorization (black & white with one focal color). Below are some samples of both Retouching and Photo Editing from past sessions and projects.

If you have images that you would like altered or retouched, J.Herman is happy to assist you even if the images were not taken with us. Please use the submission form on the Contact page to inquire about retouching services for all of your needs.

Retouching & Enhancement Examples



Scar Removal + Lighting Adjustments + Black & White Filter


Cropping + Lighting Adjustments + Color Correction



Wrinkle Removal + Skin Smoothing + Lighting Adjustments


Artistic Filters + Blurred Edges



Lighting Adjustments + Artistic Filters



Cropping + Straightening + Lighting Adjustments + Artistic Filters


Cropping + Lighting Adjustments + Colorization


Lighting Adjustments + Colorization


Vignette Edge Effect


Lighting Adjustments + Color Correction + Detail Enhancements


Lighting Adjustments + Color Correction + Detail Enhancements




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